UI/UX Designer/Scripter


The Molasses Flood
January 31, 2019
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How to Apply
email jobs@themolassesflood.com


We need someone who’s adept at implementing game interfaces, particularly if it’s in Unreal. We’ve got a bunch of UI in this game that needs to be built, and we’re looking for someone who’s comfortable getting behind the scenes, wiring it all up, and making it work. We’d like someone who’s collaborative, has good general game design instincts, and is excited about getting to own a major and super important part of the game.

This is a full time salaried position.


  • Design and implement the in game interface
  • Work with design and engineering closely in the process of creating the UI
  • Conduct and respond to usability testing

Primary Skills

  • Comfort with UMG, or similar visual scripting UI systems
  • Experience with wireframing, designing screen flows
  • An understanding of game UI approaches and best practices
  • Dealing with platform requirements for UI
  • Technical expertise in building sustainable and extensible systems

Nice to have

  • Graphic design experience: if we don’t need to get someone else to handle this part, that’d be great, but your ability to implement the functionality is more important than making it pretty.
  • Game design experience: so much of UI design IS game design.
  • C++ or related experience: If you’re unfamiliar with blueprint or UMG, they’re basically a node based version of C++. Existing know how with programming will be immensely valuable in getting up to speed fast.
  • Experience implementing a UI in a commercial title

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