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Arrogant Wizard
July 9, 2019
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How to Apply
Please respond with a resume and link to portfolio or other examples of your work.


We are looking to bring on an experienced user interface artist/designer to help conceptualize the visual language our game, Statecraft, uses to express its themes and setting, as well as to create the particular assets needed in game.

This is a remote-work hourly paid contract position.  We are focused on a few major milestones needed this year, but there is the possibility of extending throughout the duration of the project if that fits on all sides.

Our Team

Arrogant Wizard is a small, remote-work indie studio founded in 2017 by a queer, trans game designer, June McCaffery.

Together we’re a designer, programmer, concept artist, and producer working on the studio’s first title, Statecraft, a multiplayer 4X strategy game for desktop platforms.  As busy professionals, we prize work-life balance and do not crunch.

Our Project

Statecraft tweaks the 4X formula, emphasizing social and economic justice, political agency, environmentalism, and the perils and potentials of technologies and governments.  The game consists of a nuanced and finely-balanced rules system with a politically progressive slant.

Players lead a nation in alignment with their political vision through a world on the brink of ecological disruption and geopolitical breakdown. They must contend with challenges presented by nature, other countries, and the ever-changing social landscape of their own society.

We’re currently on track for a 2023 release and a 2020 fully playable vertical slice.  It is this vertical slice that needs your skillful UI touch!

Our Visual Style

Lush, photorealistic visuals as in Cities: Skylines showcase the player’s beautifully built cities whose layouts directly affect gameplay.

We see Statecraft as a spiritual successor to Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, illustrating through texture, color choice, and decorative finesse the many ideologies (compelling, novel, strange, or even feared) that humanity has embraced or may embrace in the future.

Your UI

Statecraft’s learning curve is fairly gentle. Its subsystems are each designed to be accessible and they require a streamlined UI to match, coalescing sensibly without feeling byzantine or imposing.

Statecraft players interweave city building, military deployment, and policy management. The UI must help them track facts and statistics about their own nation alongside other nations.  Egalitarianism, ecology, tax collection, military doctrine, role of government, economic regulation, and civic development all require player attention.

In this role you will:

  • Proactively communicate with each team member, understanding their needs and conveying your own;
  • Create and maintain Statecraft’s visual identity;
  • Compose a UI style guide describing font faces and sizes, color palettes, shape language, embellishments, and layout;
  • Develop specific in-game assets, including but not limited to menus, dialogue boxes, and icons;
  • Partner with our designer, engineer, and concept artist to identify and convey critical, complex information in a format that is both engaging and easily digestible;
  • Work with existing wire frames and prototypes to improve usability and accessibility.

We'd love to hear from you if:

  • You have a well developed cultural diversity literacy;
  • Are able to work smoothly alongside people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and identities with awareness and grace;
  • Are game development savvy, understanding the parameters and challenges of your and others’ roles;
  • Have prior work experience as a user interface artist;
  • Have access to and work well in a contemporary visual art software solution such as Adobe, Krita, or Paint Tool Sai;
  • Understand game middleware such as Unity 3D or Unreal Engine;
  • Possess the skills needed to meet all of the responsibilities outlined above;
  • Are dedicated to maintaining high production quality;
  • Are diligent, empathetic, and a good communicator.

Prior experience with 4X or Grand Strategy games, or with implementing UI in Unity, would be great, too, but is not required.

Thank you for your time!

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