Technical Artist – Cinematics


Deep Silver Volition
July 13, 2019
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Volition is seeking an experienced, creative problem-solver to join our team as a Technical Artist working in Cinematics.  You will be working in a collaborative environment of cinematic artists, animators and programmers helping to define and implement cinematics tools and pipelines.

You will have the opportunity to push the quality of content through the continued development of cutting-edge tools and pipelines for next-gen game development.

An exceptional candidate is technically savvy, has a background working with cinematics and animation, understands animation workflows and tech pipelines, and actively fosters a culture of helping everyone make their ideas strong.


  • Working on animations in Maya (particularly using mocap data)
  • Developing tools with Python 2.7 in Maya
  • Familiarity with facial animation systems
  • Solid problem-solving skills


  • Developing pipeline, workflow and tools with a focus on in-game cinematics
  • Experience with MelScript in Maya
  • Rigid/Soft-body simulation in Maya
  • Animating characters for in-game cinematics
  • Rigging characters in Maya including control rigs, constraints, skin weights, blendshapes, etc.
  • Experience with 3DS Max or Motionbuilder
  • Developing tools in 3DS Max or Motionbuilder

Sample Work:

  • Samples, demonstrations or documentation of tools pipelines developed to overcome past challenges.
  • Encouraged but not required: Art portfolio demonstrating proficiency and talent with both CG and traditional art skills.

To apply, please send your resume, cover letter, and sample work to with “Technical Artist” in the subject line.

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