Simulation/Visualization Engineer


MSG Ventures
September 19, 2019
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MSG Ventures is looking for an Interactive Software Engineer to play an integral role in performing due diligence, prototyping, and developing previz, capture, and dailies tools for planning, conceptualizing, shooting, and reviewing content for our venues. Candidate must have the ability to work alone and in teams, incorporating input from a diverse group to integrate various contributions into custom tools, workflows, and products. Working on a project from conception through execution, this position benefits from a broad range of skills such real-time 3d graphics development, backend/API integration, tool and plugin creation, and pipeline integration.


Specific Functions/Activities SUMMARY: 

  • Collaborate closely with Engineering Lead to design, prototype, and develop VR / Desktop / Mobile applications, tools, and plugins for simulation and visualization of content for our venues to integrate into our previz / capture / dailies pipelines.
  • Work closely with Software Operations, Systems, and Venue Tech teams to integrate and test our tools on various hardware configurations.
  • Connect and integrate our applications with cloud-based backend solutions and services for Dailies review and approval.
  • Collaborate closely with Productions and other departments to share pipeline innovations, improvements, and help integrate our custom tools.
  • Communicate technical approaches and support proofs of concepts / projects with various partners and vendors.
  • Write technical documentation and clearly communicate complex solutions and challenges, even to non-technical staff.
  • Work on multiple projects and prioritize tasks for each.
  • Stay current on relevant technology and conduct necessary research, due diligence, prototyping, and testing to assess emerging technology options.
  • Identify areas that require attention and work with the Software project management team to ensure time and resources are properly allocated.


  • 4+ years professional software engineering or related field experience required
  • Expertise in C# and the Unity game engine is required, additional Unreal knowledge highly preferred
  • Expertise in shader languages is required (i.e. Cg/ShaderLab, HLSL, GLSL); additional experience optimizing low level 3d rendering is highly preferred
  • Extensive experience creating artist tools for content creation is required; additional VR experience (Steam VR, WMR, Oculus) is preferred but not required
  • Domain knowledge in on-set/off-set film production, virtual production, and/or previsualization pipelines is highly preferred
  • Extensive working knowledge of securely integrating external APIs, backend cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), and implementing networked applications is highly preferred
  • Experience with various video codecs and streaming protocols is highly preferred
  • Additional Python experience is a plus
  • Excellent communication and team interaction skills is required
  • Applicants should provide their own code samples for tools or apps along with technical design documentation

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