Senior Writer – Wasteland 3


inXile Entertainment
April 25, 2019
Job Type


The Wasteland 3 team is looking for a talented and experienced Senior Writer to join our team. The ideal candidate would have extensive experience using branching dialog tools, a deep understanding of what makes non-linear experiences tick, and a quirky and darkly humorous style of writing that matches Wasteland 3. You will be working with the narrative stakeholders and level design team as we iterate on and expand existing content.


  • 5+ years as a Writer in a professional capacity.

  • Shipped at least one title with non-linear, branching dialog.

  • Extensive experience with branching dialog tools (e.g. in-house tools, or Twine, Chat Mapper, articy:draft).

  • Ability to adapt to feedback and style requirements of our project.


  • Write and revise dialogs in our branching dialog tool, including creating new dialogs from scratch.

  • Testing dialogs for functionality and flow in Unity.

  • Assuring stylistic consistency across our dialogs.

  • Collaborate with narrative stakeholders and level designers to iterate on content.


  • Experience making RPGs, or a deep knowledge and love of RPGs.

  • Experience with Unity.

  • Familiarity with the Wasteland universe.

  • Comfortable with technical tools and fastidious in your workflow.

  • Able to provide writing samples, preferably in branching dialogs (links to YouTube videos of your work acceptable).

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