Senior Unreal Engineer


Stray Bombay Company
August 13, 2019
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For our unannounced co-operative first person shooter, we are looking for a Senior Unreal Developer who will help us define and architect innovative, best-in-class co-operative multiplayer games at scale. You should be passionate about architecting robust foundations we can keep building on. Your knowledge of gameplay, networking, rendering, Unreal 4, and more help keep our games as awesome and fast paced as they need to be.

Along the way, you’ll be helping to define the product direction and how we work alongside the rest of the team.

  • Experience/expertise in Unreal networked games

  • High degree of fluency in UE4 and C++, or related skills, as well as version control and continuous integration

  • Experience leading development on a large code base

  • Experience architecting and implementing critical gameplay foundations and components quickly and effectively

  • Demonstrated ability to ship games at a high level of polish with high standards (and an eye to scope)

  • Capable of owning critical live operations, including reliability, performance and availability

  • Pragmatic yet creative in the pursuit of quality… we’ll be scratching our head how you got things that performant!

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