Senior Live Services Manager


Zenimax Online Studios
June 15, 2019
Job Type


As a Senior Live Services Manager, you are expected to have in-depth experience launching and supporting online products with a focus on delivering high-quality service to a large population. The Senior Live Services Manager provides direction to the community, support and feature teams based on player activities and the organizational response. You will also work with business leadership to coordinate Marketing, PR, Legal and other departmental efforts tied to your product. Excellent candidates will be comfortable influencing and negotiating priorities with other teams’ leadership, particularly emphasizing overall organizational success as the most highly-desirable outcomes.


  • Aggregate details and provide summarized messaging that evokes behavior change
  • Quantify any requests of other teams with the business value
  • Stage data for the purposes of player messaging
  • Sell the business on service outages for the purposes of an improved player experience
  • Negotiate and coordinate resources for activities
  • Manage handoffs between your team and teams that are up and downstream
  • Prioritize open issue list based on quantifiable business justification
  • Gather, interpret and manage large volumes of data from many sources
  • Demonstrate either correlation or cause/effect between feature/service changes and customer behavior
  • Lead teams through maintenance, product update, and outage efforts
  • Coordinate large scale technical projects that require milestone delivery and coordination with many business disciplines
  • Manage and grow external partner relationships


  • You are the type of person who is calm in the face of adversity. You are quick to analyze information and provide a direction or conclusion based on the information you have.  You have many war stories of how something went in an unexpected direction, and your teams’ success against the odds.​
  • You are dedicated to the team delivering. You own whatever activity for which you volunteer.  As a result, you are very willing to stay late/come in early to ensure the success of the initiative. When facing a blocker, you came up with resourceful ways to attain your objectives.
  • You are driven by the overall success and love of learning, not fear of failure. You build on previous failures to have positive outcomes in the future.
    3-5 years in a position where you demonstrated your contribution to high-quality live service
  • 5+ years in a position where you demonstrated your ability to prioritize organizational wins over individual or team wins
  • 5+ years in a position where you demonstrated ownership of individual and team success and/or failure
  • 5+ years in a position where your problem-solving skills contributed to organizational success
  • 5+ years in a leadership role
  • Amazing teamwork
  • Excellent communication skills

Desired Skills: 

  • Passion for live services
  • Process design
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Game Industry Experience is highly desirable, but not required
  • Exemplary organizational skills
  • Ability to drive change
  • Strong leadership

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