Linux Systems Administrator


Zenimax Online Studios
June 13, 2019
Job Type


To further support the efforts of our growing company, ZeniMax Online Studios is expanding our Game Operations team. As the Linux System Administrator, you will assist in building, maintaining, and troubleshooting the internal Linux servers that help our developers make games, and the external Linux servers that support our games. Over time, it is expected that this role will increasingly focus on building automation and tooling that will reduce the cost of maintenance and increase confidence and velocity that will favor candidates who are interested in developing a DevOps mind and skillset.


  • Building Linux servers from the ground up, then maintaining and troubleshooting the servers
  • Assuring maximum availability and security of servers, including hardware/software upgrades and disaster recovery processes
  • Thinking of cool new ways of automating tasks with greater efficiency to save us time and hassle


  • Experience as a Linux System Administrator
  • Proficient with command line management of Linux systems
  • RedHat / CentOS / Ubuntu experience
  • Experience with running web servers via Apache / Nginx / Lighttpd / others
  • Understanding of DNS basics
  • Understanding of the technologies used to create a modern web page
  • Ability to adapt to a dynamic work environment

Desired Skills

  • Ability to troubleshoot new technologies used to design web pages (html5, json, yml, xml)
  • Experience managing servers that handle many concurrent connections
  • Familiarity with Amazon AWS, particularly EC2 and Cloudfront
  • Understanding of VMWare
  • Familiarity with Python and MySQL
  • Basic knowledge of routers/switches/firewalls

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