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very very spaceship
December 18, 2019
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As a Senior Engineer, you own the technical decision-making for broad and diverse areas in VVS experiences. You create new technologies to make the team more efficient and you collaborate closely with your design and narrative peers to build fun, whimsical, and fulfilling experiences. You work alongside other engineers to write code, create workflows, and build infrastructure to keep VVS humming with productivity. You shine at finding problems and fixing them without anyone even knowing. You love maximizing your peers’ impact by eliminating their pain points through code. In addition to thriving in Unity, you like to have an impact on projects outside of just the editor. You value collaboration, transparency, and craftsmanship. Engineers who thrive at VVS have a ‘maker’ mentality and value the end product over the elegance of a line of code. 

Your primary duty is helping to realize the creative vision of the studio. This means building new software and services and working with existing ones. You have a passion for learning new things and approach your work with an apprentice mindset. You are highly motivated by the success of the project and adept at quick, iterative prototypes as well as understanding how to build for the long-term. You strive to achieve the goals of the overall experience through the lens of performance, maintainability, extensibility, and security.


  • Build and maintain from-scratch client experiences
  • Extend and support existing client experiences
  • Stand-up prototypes to help drive decisions
  • Own decisions across large technical surfaces
  • Design and gain consensus on architectural decisions
  • Evaluate technology and make recommendations on adoption
  • Estimate complexity of work for client implementations 
  • Work closely with service engineers to add backend support to client experiences
  • Collaborate across disciplines to ensure consensus and understanding of client functionality and trade-offs
  • Provide generic infrastructure to support game jams and other internal side projects
  • Maintain and extend VVS culture

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 5+ years working on client experiences
  • Skilled with Unity, Unreal, or other game engine
  • Experience with networking or web APIs
  • Experience with git or other source control versioning
  • Strong analytical and debugging skills
  • Understanding of design considerations for mobile clients
  • Ability to work well in a fluid environment as creative and technical challenges evolve
  • Ability to gather consensus and drive decisions across disciplines
  • Ability to proactively discover and fix issues
  • Ability to own large technical areas
  • Excellent partnership and communication skills
  • Self-motivated and passionate
  • Ability to work gracefully under pressure
  • Compelling skill or attitude to replace any missing minimum qualifications

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience working on a mobile title
  • Experience working on a LiveOps supported game
  • Experience working with Unity Asset Bundles or similar technology
  • Experience building internal tooling to tune and update client experiences
  • Experience working in AR or VR
  • Curiosity of new industry trends and best practices


very very spaceship is a multi-talented, multi-disciplined, multi-award winning collective of game designers, engineers and artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. For the past three years, under the leadership of BAFTA winning founder Sean Vesce (Never Alone, Tomb Raider Series, Mechwarrior Series), the crew at VVS regularly support a range of highly novel R&D projects with partners like Google ATAP, Microsoft and others. We are a lean mean skunkworks machine that makes magic at the intersection of pioneering technologies (VR, AR, Geoloc, Live Game Streaming) and shared game experiences. In addition to our client work, we develop and release original indie experiments like the recent Knife 2 Meat U and Hot Date available at our page. We also produce several original web shows including “Jen Vaughn’s Big DunJen Show” and “Galen Drew’s Galen Draws with your host Galen Drew” streaming at our twitch page. Check out more about us on twitter and youtube.

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