Producer – Project Lava


Hardsuit Labs


We’re looking for an enthusiastic, skilled, and highly organized Producer to join the Project Lava development team. We are hard at work co-developing a fast-paced, competitive, and cooperative multiplayer game and we need your help!

You will represent and advocate for your development team, providing support for it (and others) within our studio. You will achieve this by scheduling tasks, tracking dependencies, removing roadblocks, coordinating with our co-development partner, and fostering happy, productive people all the while making sure they stay on the right track.

You know how to rally the troops, deal with multiple stakeholders, and are unafraid to have uncomfortable conversations. You can say “no” when you know it's right and you’re able to push back when needed. Above all, everything you do comes from a place of honesty and integrity. You’re a master at facilitating communications and like a shark sensing fear, you can spot potential miscommunication from miles away and dive in to set the facts straight. You’ll bring concerns to the surface, you’ll wave red flags, and you’ll get people together to work out solutions. You’re cool, level-headed, even keeled, and not afraid to dig deep. You’re able identify root causes and use strong communication skills to implement solutions that keep issues from recurring. You keep the horses looking forward when the cart is on fire. In short - you get sh*t done.


  • Work with the team to develop, maintain, coordinate schedules working seamlessly with internal and external team leads and producers
  • Coordinate and communicate with external partners to manage and maintain expectations
  • Plan, prioritize, and monitor work to ensure all project goals are met
  • Monitor development status and work your knowledge back into future planning and forecasting
  • Identify problems, work to solve/address them, and establish means to prevent them in the future
  • Push back and raise red flags where appropriate
  • Establish, deploy, and maintain various processes within the team
  • Be a champion and advocate for your team both inside the studio and with external stakeholders


  • 3+ years of production experience in the video games industry
  • Shipped at least one title in a production role
  • Proficient in handling external partners and coordinating external communication
  • Able to apply high emotional intelligence and excellent written/verbal communication skills to manage expectations and keep everyone on the same page and oriented towards the goal
  • Capable of developing and successfully deploying processes to benefit teams and their partners
  • Capable of developing and maintaining individual, team, and project schedules
  • Natural problem solver, enjoys a challenge, and has strong sense of curiosity
  • Strong organization and time-management skills
  • Self-starting with the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously with minimal errors or dropped details
  • Able to interact and work as part of a team and with people of all types
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment


  • 2+ years of non-production game development experience
  • Proficiency with Jira and Confluence
  • Familiarity working closely with engineers and understanding engineering needs
  • Familiarity with Unreal Engine 4


  • Resume

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