Lead Prototype Simulation Engineer

Greg Johnson

HumaNature Studios Inc.
June 27, 2018
Job Type
How to Apply
email greg@humanaturestudios.com


HumaNature Studios is looking for an experienced Senior Gameplay Programmer to lead the engineering on a very small experimental prototyping team whose goal is to innovate new technology and create a believable simulated character. Coding is done in Unreal 4 and C++, and Unreal experience is a major plus.  This person must have worked in the games industry for at least 5 years, and must have shipped product. You should have a strong interest in Conversational and Behavioral AI. Experience with graphics programming, especially technical animation and/or procedural techniques for creating reactive human characters, such as Motion Matching is also a plus. A love of Ghibli Studios style characters and story themes wins you major points. If you prefer uplifting and cheerful games and think there are already way too many violent games out there… more points.  Also, if you are idealistic, and want to see more good female characters in games that’s also a major plus. Applicant must be willing to relocate to Hawaii (Lahaina), as prototyping work will require tight feedback loops and good communication. Applicant must be cheerful and easy going. This part is very important. If you don’t smile and laugh a lot then don’t apply! We are a tiny team and unable to get back to all applicants, but you will hear back from us if we are interested in your application. Good salary, full benefits, stable employment, exciting worthwhile work, awesome beaches!  Doesn't get any better. 😉

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