Lead 3D Environment Artist


February 2, 2018
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Who are we?

Playwing (sister company to Ubisoft, Guillemot Corp., Longtail Studios, Ariann and Airlab Inc.) is an independent Game Developer and Publisher with a lot of passion for games. One of our team’s main goals is to improve the gaming experience for players.

For that reason we publish, distribute, and develop games for several countries worldwide. We are continuously innovating and seeking for the best UX.

Playwing has operational offices in Rennes (France), Madrid (Spain), Bucharest (Romania), Kharkiv (Ukraine), Montreal (Canada) and a sales office in San Diego (USA). We also count with two partner studios, Mando Productions, in Paris (France) Shinypix, in Bordeaux (France)

Are you interested in?

Creating a high quality artistic content for the project (Multiplayer PC AAA – Dark Fantasy Universe) in respect of technical constraints and artistic direction.

If so let’s talk!

You will be responsible of:

  • Define, manage and delegate resources from creation to placement;
  • Contribute to the technical understanding of more junior members of the team;
  • Be a reference for the art team in relation to various artistic elements and find solutions to complex issues that arise;
  • Efficiently communicate and support messages from management;
  • Share knowledge within the team, advise and mentor more junior members of the team;
  • Oversee optimization and debugging to fix the issues raised by testers;
  • Assess and plan out the game world, with consideration of narrative and visual storytelling, while documenting intentions;
  • Build and integrate assets into the play space and find solutions that adhere to the style guide;
  • Create fully functional assets which can be shared across the project and respect the technical and artistic constraints of the project;
  • Plan, estimate and prioritize time frames for the completion of tasks and track progress using the designated tracking tools;
  • Communicate and collaborate with key stakeholders to confirm task direction and ensure consistency of work within the team;
  • Ensure the technical and artistic quality of the game is delivered by collaborating with technical artists and other senior artists and make changes when necessary;
  • Understand the game design documents in regards to the environments, objectives, atmospheres, story and style and use them to create various artistic elements;
  • Share knowledge of project tools and their functions, the project file classification system and the process of updating engine data;
  • Support the other senior artists in any ad hoc tasks and duties.

The requirements are:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Ability to create interesting, detailed and visually appealing artistic environments;
  • Strong ability to adapt to new processes and pipelines;
  • Strong working knowledge of industry leading 3D modelling packages;
  • Strong knowledge of composition and visual story telling;
  • Strong knowledge of level editors;
  • Excellent understanding of Physically Based Rendering systems;
  • Familiarity with data management software (such as Perforce);
  • Strong gameplay and level design knowledge;
  • Strong knowledge of the video game industry and awareness of typical video game development processes is essential;
  • Originality and resourcefulness in problem solving;
  • Strong Knowledge of optimization techniques (e.g. 3D Studio Max).

The relevant experiences are: 

  • 5 years’ minimum experience as an Environment Artist or other relevant experience;
  • Bachelor’s degree in Graphics Design, Art or other relevant training;
  • Has shipped at least 1 or more titles, preferably full project cycles on a AAA console title;
  • Experience in both hard surface and organic modelling;
  • Experience working in Adobe Photoshop.

And this is what we offer for being part of this amazing family!

  • 4 weeks’ vacation
  • 5 mobile days (if not taken, it will be paid at the end of the year)
  • Full package insurance/RRSP
  • Flexible hours
  • Many activities paid by the employer
  • No dress code
  • Great and open-minded culture
  • Start-up company with many opportunities
  • You will work on big projects and with people who has many years of experience and amazing talent
  • New and renovated office
  • And you can also play videos games!! A great way to relax and having fun while working!

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