Full-stack Unity Game Developer (Remote available)


October 4, 2019
Job Type
How to Apply
To apply, please use the link below and fill out the online application. While the company is based in London, we are accepting applications for remote workers.


As a Full-stack Unity Game Developer, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining both gameplay and core game systems and mechanics for existing and new games. An ideal candidate for this role will be able to demonstrate generalist knowledge of the Unity3D game engine at an intermediate to advanced level.

The role is considered full-stack because, in addition to development within Unity, you will also be responsible for creating and maintaining back-end local and server-side tools, APIs, and databases which extend Unity and provide support to both internal and external users. This includes, but is not limited to, Unity editor tools for cross-functional roles such as artists, content managers, and game designers.

The ideal candidate will be self-driven, able to manage, properly estimate, and prioritise their time and tasks with little need for direction from management. While the employee in this role will report to and take some direction from a technical lead, it is expected that they will actively and enthusiastically take part in collaborative game and system design discussions, documentation, and implementation.. Our team culture is open and creative, with new ideas for games, mechanics, process improvements, etc. welcomed and encouraged.

Minimum Requirements

General Culture & Company Fit

  • Familiar with and/or open to remote work
  • Proactive self-starter with a passion for learning new skills
  • Ability to demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A self-driven and detail-oriented individual with excellent productivity and task-tracking skills

Technical Skills

  • 4 years minimum game development experience with the Unity3D (2018.4.2f1+) game engine demonstrable via a personal portfolio or working references
  • Experienced using Unity methods for building cross-platform, responsive UI
  • C#, .NET Framework 4.5+, JavaScript
  • Ability to demonstrate the following
    • Advanced communication of complex technical design and requirements to laymen and less tech-savvy users
    • Skilled writing of technical documentation for both internal and external users
    • SOLID understanding of core software development principles (see what we did there? 😉 )
    • Advanced experience with data structures and algorithms
    • Familiarity with both programming and game design patterns
    • Experience setting and communicating personal and team time estimates
    • Generalised Intermediate - Advanced Unity3D experience including, but not limited to:
      • Animator, UI Layout Components, ScriptableObjects, Editor Extension & Tooling, Asset Bundling, Profiling Tools, TextMeshPro, Serialisation, etc.
    • Clear understanding of CPU/GPU performance bottlenecks, optimisations, and pitfalls
    • Proficiency in Visual Studio Community 2017+, Android Studio, and xCode IDEs
    • Experience using Git VCS with at least two different visual clients

Ideal Candidates (+1 Reputation for each)

General Culture & Company Fit

  • Experience living abroad and/or near fluent in at least a second spoken language (Klingon doesn’t count, but brownie points nonetheless. Sorry fellow Trekkies)
  • A kind, generous and empathic individual with a passion for active listening and teaching
  • Extroverted and outgoing, able to represent the company at industry events and conventions

Technical Skills

  • SQL, MongoDB, Python
  • AWS & Google Cloud
  • Proficient using JetBrains Rider IDE
  • Experience using Perforce Helix Core VCS and associated visual client
  • Experience setting up and maintaining CI/CD pipelines
  • Additional Unity3D experience in UI Elements, Nintendo Switch SDK, URP/HDRP, DOTS
  • Experience with full-stack web development using C# .NET MVC/Core and/or Gatsby, React, or other JS-based frameworks

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