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April 8, 2019
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ustwo is on the hunt for a freelance Senior Game Developer to join our growing New York studio and work in a tight-knit team of developers, designers and project managers. You’ll be working on a variety of gaming projects for a wide range of clients, joint-ventures and our own products. Our workflow is highly collaborative with a focus on quality code and processes. We have a ‘get stuff done’ attitude, but we don’t forget to have fun and learn from each other along the way.

And since we believe in a one team approach to projects, you'll regularly get to work closely with clients on interdisciplinary project teams, allowing you to collaborate intimately with them to realize their digital identities. Success as a Developer at ustwo requires you to not only be passionate about writing great code, but also sharing your experience with others and holding your hand up when you are in the weeds and need some support.

At ustwo, we don't do "traditional agency", demand crazy hours, or ask you to sacrifice your social life in the name of clients. Day in and day out, you'll do the best work of your life, craft innovative projects and games with amazing teams, deliver cream-of-the-crop gaming experiences to some of the largest and most kick-ass brands on the planet, and have a blast doing it.


  • Collaborate with a game development team, including project managers, designers and other developers to build amazing games and experiences
  • Work on client projects and joint ventures, as well as internal projects
  • Contribute to the tech team as a whole by sharing your knowledge with the team and applying your experience, helping to define how ustwo creates games
  • Produce good quality and well documented code
  • Contribute code to help extend and help improve common libraries
  • Organize your work within an Agile team and workflow process


  • Highly collaborative. You're not a sole contributor, but rather someone who prefers to work with a tight-knit team where sharing knowledge and experience is second nature in order to grow together.
  • Never afraid to speak your mind, and are exceptionally clear when you do.
  • Passionate about learning and experimenting. "Afraid to fail" and "play it safe" aren't in your vocabulary, but you're willing to admit your weaknesses and when you're wrong, in the name of personal and professional growth.
  • Naturally motivated and self driven. Your curiosity cannot be quelled, and you're never done learning.
  • Driven by (and thrive on) inspiring and bringing out the best in those you work with.
  • An industry veteran; you've overcome some serious challenges and tackled technical challenges most would have shied away from.
  • Hands on and passionate about development and taking on technical challenges. Shying away isn't your style.
  • Curious with a strong appetite for learning and sharing your knowledge and experiences. We learn from and grow with each other, and you'll get to do the same.
  • Flexible and open to seeing other's perspectives and solutions. Stubbornness and one-track mindedness have no place here.
  • Genuinely an awesome person who loves to work with others, and who others love to work with.
  • Open to feedback from your team to benefit personal/project development and learning.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Proficiency in Javascript, object oriented programming, design patterns and best coding practices
  • Experience with and comfort in exploring new 2D and 3D game engines
  • Experience with WebGL and utilizing frameworks such as Babylon.js and Three.js
  • The ability to understand and apply mathematical concepts in the context of game programming
  • Understanding of graphics programming and game engine concepts such as lighting, shaders, materials, meshes, and post-processing
  • Understanding of mobile hardware limitations and best practices, including experience in performance optimization approaches
  • Experience with a variety of version control systems (Git, Perforce, etc)
  • 3+ years of experience in game development
  • Experience with 2.5D graphics programming
  • Experience working with audio within game engines or third party tools
  • Experience with animation systems


  • 5+ years experience in Game Development
  • Have launched an HTML5 web-based game or experience using game engines such as Defold and Phaser
  • Experience on games that featured character customization, modular level design, or puppet/bone animation in 2D
  • Knowledge of game development pipelines, especially working with modular assets
  • Knowledge of performance profiling and debugging
  • Experience with OpenGL ES on iOS or Android
  • Experience in native development for iOS, Android or Web
  • An active Github account / open source contributions

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