Hiring in Austin – Armature Studio

Armature Studio is an independent developer in Austin, TX, and they’re hiring for several positions right now. Armature has been around since 2008 and was founded by several of the key members of the Metroid Prime series. Over the years, they’ve grown to over 40 employees while helping on major franchises like Borderlands, Metal Gear Solid, ReCore, and more. They’ve also moved into VR … Read More

Squanch Games Rebrands

Squanch Games Jobs

The studio formerly known as Squanchtendo announced on their blog that they have rebranded as Squanch Games. The rebrand was prompted by the studio noticing, as they put it: “We recently discovered a video game related company with a similar name to our former name.” It’s a mystery who they could be referring to, but probably a smart preemptive move. … Read More

Recruiter Quick Tip – 07.12.13

We’re back with another recruiter quick tip!  This is the second tip that we’ve had from Juliette Dupré (LinkedIn/Twitter).  She is the Recruiter at Gameloft New Orleans, and she offers this sage advice: “Be extremely careful when you type your name and contact information. Triple check that you have included 1) your most current address, 2) at least one phone number … Read More

Featured Studio – Pretty Simple Games

This month, we’re working with Pretty Simple Games (@prttysmpl) to help them highlight some of their job openings.  They are a casual games developer behind titles like Criminal Case, and they are looking to expand at their Paris-based studio.  We wanted to give our readers a bit more insight into what life at Pretty Simple (and in Paris) might be like, … Read More

Should you use a recruiter?

I think this is an issue that causes some confusion for people in the game industry, especially for people without a lot of work experience.  First off, it makes sense to point out that there are two main types of recruiters: Studio recruiter – in-house recruiter, employed directly by the studio 3rd party recruiter – external recruiter, working independently or … Read More

Interview with Melissa Heidrich of PassionFruit Games

Melissa Heidrich of PassionFruit Games conducted an interview with GameJobHunter to talk about her experience with being victim to a layoff in the video game industry, and how she and her team have started up their own video game studio. GJH: What are some of the most important things to start thinking about if you’re laid off? What were the … Read More

Why Make a Lateral Move?

The Wall Street Journal published an article earlier this month about how to get ahead in a time where promotions are hard to come by and new job openings are scarce. When asked about making a lateral move, EA’s VP of Talent Acquisition, Cindy Nicola, was quoted as saying “you’re still learning and growing,” and “broad-based experience can ultimately position … Read More