Boston Hosting Indie Games Conference East

I put together a list of upcoming video game conferences last month, and it looks like I left one off the list.  The Independent Game Conference East is actually starting today and lasts 2 days.  It looks like they’ve got a nice list of speakers and sessions set up, from leading names in the indie scene to exectuives at AAA … Read More

GDC 2009 – Job Hunting

GDC is just around the corner (March 23-27), and as I’ve written before, video game conferences are a great place to look for job opportunities.  GDC has an entire area of the show dedicated to job hunters – the Career Pavilion.  If you haven’t been before, it’s a large conference hall filled with recruiters from all of the major video … Read More

Video Game Conferences

If you’re on a job hunt, conferences are a great place to meet potential employers face-to-face.  And if you’re only thinking GDC, PAX and maybe E3 when you’re thinking conferences, you need to think again.  While some conferences have dedicated job booth areas (the room at GDC is massive), others simply offer you a little informal time meeting with a … Read More