Featured Studio – Iron Galaxy Studios

Our latest featured studio, Iron Galaxy Studios, has been operating as an independent developer in Chicago since 2008, and they recently relocated to The Loop. They initially started out as a contractor helping other studios deliver their projects, but have since evolved into working on a mix of their own titles as well as continuing to partner with companies on … Read More

Featured Studio – Level Ex

Looking to work on something a little different at your next role? How about building detailed medical games of extreme situations that are played by hundreds of thousands of doctors? If that sounds intriguing, you should check out Level Ex. The team is made up of veteran game devs who come from major development studios like LucasArts, Activision, EA, Telltale, … Read More

Welcome to Disney Interactive, Gameloft and Flashpoint Academy

Usually, I like to do an individual welcome post to each new company that joins the site.  Last week was a busy one, and we saw two new companies and a new school start posting.  I didn’t want to fall too far behind, so I figured I’d welcome them all at once in the form of a great big group … Read More

New Game Company in Chicago

I saw an announcement about a new gaming company (Robomodo) come across an RSS feed yesterday:  Link.  I’ve actually seen the name Robomodo floating around for several months, but I wasn’t sure exactly what sort of company they were.  I’d seen a former co-worker’s Linkedin profile change to Robomodo several months back, and it’s good to hear them announce it’s … Read More