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Everi’s games, cabinets, and banked solutions are designed to engage your players at higher levels and to enable you to generate higher returns on your investment in our products.

Our compelling and distinct game content integrates unique math designs, innovative play mechanics, and dynamic artwork based on original ideas that trail blaze new player experiences. Our games are created across four gaming studios made up of fiercely talented individuals that are constantly dreaming, designing, programming, and building to deliver memorable experiences for your patrons.

Our gaming studios are supported by our engineers to help create an immersive experience for your patrons as they consistently refine the look and performance of Everi’s cabinets and other innovative hardware platforms. Numerous industry-recognized top performing mechanical and video themes, crisp HD displays, integrated touchscreens, and surround sound systems are just the beginning.

Everi’s game systems attract a broad range of players through TournEvent®, the award-winning slot machine tournament platform sweeping the nation, the New York Lottery racino system used at many top-earning U.S. casinos, and the Washington State video lottery terminal system.

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