Game Job Grapevine – 04.13.15

Here’s a few recent things that we’ve either updated on our site or caught whiff of from around the web. Take a look, and see if any of these might give you a lead on a new job! Head count for Storm8 was updated to the 201-500 range on our San Francisco list. They also have over 20 open positions … Read More

Game Job Grapevine – 03.19.15

As we mentioned last week, we’re playing with this new post format where we share potential leads from wherever we might hear about them. Hopefully it gives you some ideas! As always, good luck on your job hunt. New studio added to our Vancouver list – IGG Canada (and they’re hiring) Updated headcount info for Boss Key Productions on our … Read More

Game Job Grapevine – 03/10/15

Our goal at GameJobHunter is to help people find jobs. We strive to be a resource that’s useful for everyone that’s looking for a job in games. We have a lot of companies that post ads directly with us (which we really appreciate!), but there are a LOT more open jobs out there at any given moment. We hope our … Read More

The Game Industry is Small – No, Seriously

We had a game dev Meetup in New Orleans recently, and I was chatting with a developer who just recently moved to the city. He had worked for Nickelodeon, and he mentioned that he had worked on Neopets. I had met the Neopets founders at GDC many years ago, and we ended up bumping into each other at several parties … Read More

Zynga and EA Layoffs – Next Steps

It was a tough week for some employees of two major development houses. Zynga let go over 300 employees, and the EA studio in Salt Lake City also let go or relocated several dozen people. Layoffs suck (speaking from experience) – it feels like a punch in the gut, and the minutes, hours and days immediately after you get the … Read More

Retro Studios is Hiring Developers

We have a good friend working at Retro Studios in Austin, and he let us know that they are in the process of trying to fill several engineering positions. He is directly involved with trying to fill three Tools Engineer spots, so we’re doing what we can to help spread the word. Here are the links to those three openings: … Read More

Fun With Twitter

We were part of a seemingly inauspicious tweet yesterday that ended up taking on a life of its own. Chris Sulzbach is a Lead Character Artist at Firaxis, and he offered up info that his studio was hiring environment and tech artists: He included a few well-placed hashtags, and also threw in a mention to us. As of this morning, … Read More

Zynga Opening Orlando Studio

Zynga Orlando is now officially a thing. Ian Cummings is Director of Design at the new location, and has confirmed that the studio is open and hiring. No word yet on what titles they’ll be working on, but they do already have a few open positions listed on the Zynga site: Software Engineer Product Manager This is potentially a very … Read More

Game Industry Layoff Preparation Kit

First Aid Kit by u07ch on Flickr

I’ve got bad news for you – layoffs are, unfortunately, an all too frequent occurrence in the video game industry.  Shocking, right?!   Studios close, projects get cancelled, investors get itchy, the economy slumps, games bomb – all sorts of things can trigger a layoff.  If you’ve worked in or followed this industry for any amount of time, you’ve by … Read More

Personal Job Hunting Criteria

What’s the most important thing to you when looking for a job in the game industry?  If you’re fresh out of school, you might be satisfied with just finding someone who is willing to hand you a check to do something that you love.  Later in your career, you might add a few more things to the list – being … Read More