Spotted – Jobs at Arkane Studios Austin

Arkane Studios, the team behind the Dishonored series, is hiring for several spots at its Austin location. I spotted this one on Twitter yesterday – it looks like Harvey Smith is back in Austin after a multi-year stint at the Arkane studio in Lyon. It also looks like he’s now helping the studio build out a team for an unannounced new … Read More

New Office for Relic Coming in 2019

Spotted this on Twitter earlier today from the Relic Twitter feed: We’re crossing the creek in 2019! See you soon, Mount Pleasant! (@vancitybuzz / #vancouver) — Relic Entertainment (@relicgames) November 21, 2017 Exciting news for the Relic team! As covered by Urbanized, Relic will be moving into a shiny new headquarters in Vancouver in early 2019. The new … Read More

Game Job – Senior Product Manager at Tilting Point

Tilting Point is mobile games publisher based out of Manhattan, and they’re looking to expand. Does this sound like you? “We are looking for a Senior Product Manager with a deep understanding of free-to-play mobile game design. Join our small passionate team helping independent development teams bring their dreams to life!” If it does, check out the full job posting … Read More

Game Jobs – Certain Affinity

Certain Affinity new studio

Certain Affinity Job Openings Certain Affinity is located in Austin, and they just moved into a new studio this month. They’ve been in business for over 10 years, and they’ve helped develop some of the best titles in the industry (think Halo, Call of Duty, and Left 4 Dead). They’re looking to fill some open spots in their new space, … Read More

Game Job: VFX Artist at Double Fine

Headlander screenshot

VFX Artist – Double Fine Beloved indie developer Double Fine is looking for a VFX artist to work on an unannounced new project. We spotted the opening when it was shared by Double Fine’s Art Director/Project Lead Lee Petty earlier tonight:   Are you a VFX artist? Want to work with me on a cool new SECRET thing? We’re hiring! … Read More

Game Jobs – Giant Enemy Crab

Giant Enemy Crab is a growing indie startup in Seattle, and they’re working on a tactical SWAT-style shooter called Due Process. They’re looking to fill a couple of key positions on the team, so this could be your chance to get in early with an exciting new team working on a buzzy new title. Technical Producer “We’re looking for a full-time … Read More

Get the Name Right

I tweeted about this recently, but I figured it was a topic that was maybe worth explaining in more than 140 characters. If you’re applying to a studio, get the name right. If they spell it “TEAMBattlesquad”, don’t say, “I’d love to work at Team Battle Squad.” — GameJobHunter (@gamejobhunter) January 22, 2016 I’ve talked in the past about how … Read More

Game Job Grapevine – 06.11.15

We missed putting out a post last week, but we’re back at it again this week! Here’s a collection of various job leads that we’ve found from various sources over the past week or so. Hopefully something catches your eye – as always, good luck with your hunt! Big Viking Games is looking for an Associate Producer Adult Swim is … Read More

Game Job Grapevine 05.27.15

It’s that time. We’re taking our weekly (usually) look around the various corners of the web to see if we can unearth any new tips or leads that might help you find a new job. As always, good luck on the job hunt! Major updates to Austin studio list! We added a few “other organizations”, cost of living info, removed … Read More

Game Job Grapevine – 05.06.15

It’s time for another Game Job Grapevine, where we share various tips, leads, tweets or stories that will hopefully give you an idea about a potential new job. The list is by no means comprehensive, but it includes various interesting things that have recently caught our attention. First off, sad to hear about Spark Unlimited ceasing game development operations. Good … Read More