Welcome to thatgamecompany

We had a few ads posted on Friday by thatgamecompany – we’re pumped they’re posting on the site!  This is exactly the kind of company we want to highlight on www.gamejobhunter.com.  While we encourage all game companies to post, our mission is to make sure job openings at some of these smaller, unique studios get the same exposure as ads … Read More

Welcome to 2K Marin

Big welcome to 2K Marin, who posted 3 new job ads today!  They’re looking for help on Bioshock 2.  You can’t ask to be working on something much more high profile than that.  As an aside, I think my wife is still upset with me for harvesting too many little sisters. They definitely have some of the most creative job … Read More

Twitter and 2 New Companies

First off, we, like just about everyone else in the free world, have joined Twitter.  You can follow our feed here:  http://twitter.com/gamejobhunter.  Look for updates whenever we’ve got a new job ad posted, or whenever we’ve got an interesting tidbit to share. We also want to welcome two new companies who have posted ads – The Rocky Mountain College of … Read More

Get to Know Your Local Game Industry

My partner Andy forwarded me a great blog post recently about gettting to know your local video game industry – read it here.  I’ve written a bit about this in the past, specifically in regards to job searching after layoffs, attending your local IGDA chapter and tracking where all the video game companies are.  The author of this article, Ms. … Read More

Welcome to SilverTree Media

I want to welcome SilverTree Media to GameJobHunter.com – they recently posted several of their job listings here.  SilverTree has worked on some intersting projects with Disney Interactive, and have a very distinctive visual style.  Cool looking stuff. One of the interesting things about working on this site is learning about the many unique video game companies out there like … Read More

Welcome Zeitgeist Games!

Zeitgeist is a studio in Orlando that’s working on all kinds of stuff.  They’re a licensed WiiWare developer, and have recently put out their first DS title.    They’ve also done a few casual Flash titles over the years.  They’re cool guys – I’ve met them at several IGDA meetings.  They’re looking for a few engineers, so head on over to … Read More