Recruiter Quick Tip – 10.12.14

We’ve got another recruiter quick tip, this one from Nadine Rossignol from Armature Studios in Austin. If you’re thinking about a casual studio drop-by to ask about openings, check out Nadine’s tip: Don’t just show up at a studio to pass in your resume in person, or for any other reason! The people who work at the studio are busy … Read More

Recruiter Quick Tip – 06.09.14

It’s been a while, but it’s time for another recruiter quick tip. This one comes to us courtesy of Ashley Doyal, who is the HR Manager for Arkane + BattleCry Studios (ZeniMax) in Austin. Ashely offered up several tips that we’ll share in the future, but we’ll start with this one: Don’t be afraid to show your passion in a … Read More

Recruiter Quick Tip – 07.12.13

We’re back with another recruiter quick tip!  This is the second tip that we’ve had from Juliette Dupré (LinkedIn/Twitter).  She is the Recruiter at Gameloft New Orleans, and she offers this sage advice: “Be extremely careful when you type your name and contact information. Triple check that you have included 1) your most current address, 2) at least one phone number … Read More

Recruiter Quick Tip – 02.01.13

New week, new recruiter quick tip.  This one comes to you from Erica Haack, the HR Specialist & Recruiter at Deep Silver Volition.  She’s been working in the game industry since 2007, and is heavily involved in recruiting all candidates for Volition.  I’ve actually been recruited by Erica before, so I can personally attest to her skills as a recruiter! … Read More

Recruiter Quick Tip – 01.25.13

The next Recruiter Quick Tip comes from none other than, well, me.  “But….you’re not a game industry recruiter!”  I can hear you say.  And you’re right – but, I’m writing the post, damn it! I’ve reviewed my fair share of resumes over the years, and I hope this tip is helpful. This is aimed at job hunters who might be … Read More

Recruiter Quick Tip – 01.14.13

The next Recruiter Quick Tip comes to us from Patrick Lamont, the Talent Acquisition Specialist at EA’s Baton Rouge QA facility.  Patrick has worked in the game industry for over 10 years, and has placed literally thousands of candidates during that span. Here is his tip: “Your resume will have a much greater chance of catching a Recruiter’s eye if you list … Read More

New Blog Series – Recruiter Quick Tips

Finding a job in the game industry can be tough. It can be even harder if you’re slipping up at some point in the process without realizing it. A recruiter might have dozens of other resumes for the same position you applied for, and there’s only so many hours in the day. They’re looking for quick ways to whittle that … Read More