Activision Layoffs and New Studios

Activision Blizzard Layoffs News of massive layoffs hit the games industry like a gut punch earlier this week. On Tuesday, Activision Blizzard announced that they were laying off 8% of their total staff (estimated at around 800 jobs). The news was followed up immediately with the company’s fourth quarter earnings call in which they touted 2018 as a record-setting year … Read More

Studio Closures and Other City List Updates

Studio Closures A couple of major announcements shook the games industry over the past couple of weeks. First it was announced that Orange County developer Carbine Studios was shutting its doors, and that 50 people would be losing their jobs. The developer was behind the MMO title WildStar, which will also be winding down in the coming weeks. Yesterday, more sad … Read More

Layoffs – Daybreak Games

Rough news out of San Diego yesterday – Daybreak Games, developer of the battle royale title  H1Z1, went through a round of layoffs. The studio itself has not yet confirmed how many people were let go, but one source on social media who was among those affected posted that the number significant. Interestingly, the studio still has 30 jobs in San … Read More

Recent Layoffs – Hangar 13, Gameloft New Orleans, Capcom Vancouver

There’s been an unfortunate run of layoffs and studio closures in the past few weeks. Life in the games industry is intensely competitive, and even seemingly successful studios are routinely caught up in these painful situations. Losing your job in a surprise situation like this can take an incredible toll on your family, finances, and emotional well-being, so best of … Read More

Reports of Gazillion Shutting Down

The rumors that are piling up about Gazillion closing before Thanksgiving should serve as a sobering reminder that layoffs in the games industry can come at any time. It’s a particularly tough time to have to begin a job search, as the teams involved in hiring at other studios start to have spotty availability during the holidays. To all of … Read More

Layoffs at Telltale

Sad news out of San Rafael this morning – the team behind episodic titles like The Wolf Among Us and Minecraft:  Story Mode has cut staff and laid off 90 people. We spotted the story on, but it’s all over the place. I won’t rehash the quotes that are covered in all the other outlets, but I did find this particular … Read More

Irrational Games Layoffs

Wow, this is wild. First off, our thoughts go out to everyone impacted by the massive shake-up at Irrational. The news about the restructuring is already being covered in many places. For now, we wanted to just start collecting tweets from people and studios who are doing some hiring. We’ll add links throughout the day as they come in. To … Read More

Layoffs at Turbine

More sad news in the industry today – it’s being reported that Boston-area developer Turbine is cutting an unspecified number of positions. This is, unfortunately, coming on the heels of recent layoffs at Zynga and EA Salt Lake City. It’s always a bit depressing to hear news like this, but the refreshing part is seeing people in the industry rallying … Read More

Zynga and EA Layoffs – Next Steps

It was a tough week for some employees of two major development houses. Zynga let go over 300 employees, and the EA studio in Salt Lake City also let go or relocated several dozen people. Layoffs suck (speaking from experience) – it feels like a punch in the gut, and the minutes, hours and days immediately after you get the … Read More