Big Changes at GameJobHunter

Photo Credit - Ross Findon

A New GameJobHunter If you’ve ever been to the site before, you’ll notice that things look….a bit different today. We’ve begun doing a fairly extensive overhaul of the site which should improve just about every part of the experience. Most parts of the site were looking pretty stale, so we’re excited to be rolling out these changes. Consider this update … Read More

Career Insights Gleaned from the Creator of True Detective

Like any good True Detective fan, I was scouring Reddit after the finale of the show for a final round of crazy theories and conspiracies. If you haven’t watched True Detective yet, stop reading this, borrow someone’s HBO Go password, and go watch. Seriously, binge-watch all 8 hours right now. Back? Ok. So while on Reddit, I came across an interview with … Read More

How To Sell Candidates on Your Studio

I saw a tweet recently from one of the companies on our LA dev list, Sony Santa Monica, saying that they were in the process of moving to a new studio: We are MOVING this Summer to a new studio, here is your first peek (we will still be Santa Monica Studio!) — Santa Monica Studio (@SonySantaMonica) January 29, … Read More

Fun With Twitter

We were part of a seemingly inauspicious tweet yesterday that ended up taking on a life of its own. Chris Sulzbach is a Lead Character Artist at Firaxis, and he offered up info that his studio was hiring environment and tech artists: He included a few well-placed hashtags, and also threw in a mention to us. As of this morning, … Read More

City Page Updates

We recently received several tips about changes to some of the game studios on our Video Game City pages.  Thanks to everyone who left a comment with an update!  We also want to thank Jeremy Strauser and Tom Carbone for their help on the Austin and Orlando lists, respectively.  Keep those tips coming – it’s a challenge to keep these … Read More

Personal Job Hunting Criteria

What’s the most important thing to you when looking for a job in the game industry?  If you’re fresh out of school, you might be satisfied with just finding someone who is willing to hand you a check to do something that you love.  Later in your career, you might add a few more things to the list – being … Read More

Site Updates

Lots of new updates recently, so I figured I’d combine them all into one post.  First off, we’ve seen some really amazing growth over the past few months.  May was BY FAR our biggest traffic month ever.  Thanks to everyone who has been checking out the site! As for our lists of video game studios by city, we’ve got several … Read More

Gift Card Giveaway

The last several months have been busy for us. Traffic has been at an all-time high, and we’ve had a steady stream of new jobs and submitted applications. But, we want this to get even bigger. We want more studios to publish their jobs, which we hope will make finding a new job easier for those on the hunt. In … Read More

New City Page – Chicago

We’re creating these lists as pages now instead of posts, so I wanted to let everyone know that the Chicago list is now up:!  Check out the Video Game Cities link in the blog menu for the full list of cities that we’ve done.  The links are also on the sidebar of each page now.