New Studio in Portland – Ready At Dawn

Ready At Dawn has been making games in Irvine, CA for over 15 years. They’ve worked on major franchises like God of War, Daxter, and Okami, as well as their own original titles like The Order: 1886 and the Lone Echo series. This week, they released a major announcement about the future of their company – the opening of a second development studio in Portland, … Read More

Hiring in Cambridge – Zapdot

Zapdot is an independent developer based out of Cambridge, MA, and they’re looking to expand their team. Zapdot is available as a work-for-hire contractor who has worked on projects for studios like Owlchemy Labs, BBC America, and Dejobaan Games. Their recent job posts give some insight into the types of projects that new hires might be working on: “Our work … Read More

New Studio in Seattle – Monster Squad

There have been lots of stories about layoffs and studio closures lately, so it’s great to see some awesome news about a new studio opening up shop in Seattle! Monster Squad is officially in business and is made up of several veterans who played key roles on titles like Torchlight and Borderlands. The new team has set up shop in … Read More

Studio Closures and Other City List Updates

Studio Closures A couple of major announcements shook the games industry over the past couple of weeks. First it was announced that Orange County developer Carbine Studios was shutting its doors, and that 50 people would be losing their jobs. The developer was behind the MMO title WildStar, which will also be winding down in the coming weeks. Yesterday, more sad … Read More

Remote Producer Opportunity at Graffiti Games

We had a unique opportunity get posted on the site yesterday – a remote Producer position with Graffiti Games. Graffiti Games is an independent publisher that has people located in LA, Toronto, and Calgary, and they’re looking to grow the team with a person who can handle the organizational load from outside a typical office environment. Here’s a preview of the … Read More

Job Lead Updates – 08.26.18

We’ve got another week of data after running our studio job count tracker again on Friday. It’s interesting to look for trends as the numbers fluctuate. Many studios appear to be very methodical in their hiring process as their number of job postings has remain unchanged in over 2 months. It’s also fun to watch studios have their count drop … Read More

City Page Updates – More Studios

We’ve updated several of the city lists recently with studios we hadn’t been tracking. Some of these studios are brand new, and some just hadn’t been on our radar until now. Not surprisingly, it’s 3 of the cities with the most studios that are seeing their lists expand:  Montreal, Seattle, and San Francisco. Let’s take a quick look at each … Read More

Crystal Dynamics Expands With New Bellevue Studio

Crystal Dynamics, the venerable developer behind the Tomb Raider series, announced today that they are opening a separate studio in Bellevue, WA:  Crystal Northwest. The press release stated that the studio is officially open for business as of today: “Our new studio in the Seattle area is officially up and running as of today, and is a full-fledged extension of Crystal … Read More

Job Leads – Job Counts for San Francisco

New studio job counts by city were updated on Friday! We’re now officially tracking jobs for San Francisco, which was the final city that we were still missing. Now that we’ve got the counts for the Bay Area, we can start to compare job totals across all of our North American cities. We plan on sharing trends as we collect … Read More

New Feature – Studio Job Counts

If you’ve been looking at any of the City Studio Lists lately, you might have noticed a new column popping up over the past few weeks. We’ve introduced a new feature that allows us to keep track of the actual number of open jobs at studios across each city. The current plan is to check weekly to and update the … Read More