Game Industry Layoffs

Over the past few weeks, sizable numbers of video game staffers have been laid off.  Cuts have been seen at studios like Midway, NCSoft, High Moon and Radical Entertainment.  This is unfortunately part of doing business in the video game industry, and just about everyone will be impacted at some point in their career either directly or through someone they … Read More

New Ads from Epic

Several new ads went up today from Epic Games.  Check them out on GJH:


We’ve had a bit of activity over the past few days.  First off, we want to welcome Collision Studios to the site.  Collision is a relatively new developer in California that shipped the highly successful PSP title 300:  March to Glory. Check out their listings on GJH! We’ve also had a few new ads posted from both Tiburon and Kaos.  … Read More

GJH Blog

Hey all – first off, thanks to everyone who has been using GameJobHunter so far! We’ve been doing a little to promote the site over the past few months, but we’re looking at updating quite a few things over the next few months. The first thing, obviously, is adding the blog page. We intend to use this space to welcome … Read More