Welcome to SilverTree Media

I want to welcome SilverTree Media to GameJobHunter.com – they recently posted several of their job listings here.  SilverTree has worked on some intersting projects with Disney Interactive, and have a very distinctive visual style.  Cool looking stuff. One of the interesting things about working on this site is learning about the many unique video game companies out there like … Read More

Site Redesign

I apologize for the long delay between posts, but we’ve been a little busy.  😉 We’ve been working on a complete site redesign of www.gamejobhunter.com, and we’re very close to releasing the final product.  It’s required a bit of work, but we feel like the new version is going to be MUCH easier to use, and I think everyone will … Read More

IGDA Orlando

I’ve mentioned networking before as an essential element of a video game job hunt.  IGDA meetings are a fantastic place to meet people from all over the gaming industry.  I live in Orlando, and I’ve been attending our local chapter’s meetings for about 2 years now.  Even in a game company market as small as Orlando, I’ve met people from … Read More

Welcome Zeitgeist Games!

Zeitgeist is a studio in Orlando that’s working on all kinds of stuff.  They’re a licensed WiiWare developer, and have recently put out their first DS title.    They’ve also done a few casual Flash titles over the years.  They’re cool guys – I’ve met them at several IGDA meetings.  They’re looking for a few engineers, so head on over to … Read More

New Themes

If you happen to be a regular reader, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been screwing around with a few different themes.  I think I like the current one, so there probably won’t be anymore drastic changes for a while.

New Game Company in Chicago

I saw an announcement about a new gaming company (Robomodo) come across an RSS feed yesterday:  Link.  I’ve actually seen the name Robomodo floating around for several months, but I wasn’t sure exactly what sort of company they were.  I’d seen a former co-worker’s Linkedin profile change to Robomodo several months back, and it’s good to hear them announce it’s … Read More

Video Game Venture Capital

If you’re looking for yet another interesting tactic to use to track down video game employment, here’s a tip – keep on eye on new video game companies that are getting VC funding.  This is fairly easy to do, just keep tabs on a site like www.venturebeat.com.  That’s just an example, I’m sure there’s a dozen more like it out … Read More

Video Game Conferences

If you’re on a job hunt, conferences are a great place to meet potential employers face-to-face.  And if you’re only thinking GDC, PAX and maybe E3 when you’re thinking conferences, you need to think again.  While some conferences have dedicated job booth areas (the room at GDC is massive), others simply offer you a little informal time meeting with a … Read More

Welcome to Junction Point and Renegade Kid

We’ve had a few new companies from Austin recently post their jobs – big welcome to both Junciton Point and Renegade Kid! For those not in the know, Junciton Point is Warren Spector’s new studio, and is part of the Disney Interactive family. They’re working on something top secret, which I’m sure will be very cool. As for Renegade Kid, … Read More

Good news for Baton Rouge

I’ve got a bit of a double connection to this story, so I was excited when I heard about this yesterday.  I started in the game industry as an EA tester, and my day job now is with one of the companies (TurboSquid) that was integral in bringing the entertainment tax credit to Louisiana.   What could “EA tester” and … Read More