Welcome to Giant Sparrow

About a week ago, I saw someone tweet about a new game from a studio called Giant Sparrow.  The title of the game is “The Unfinished Swan.”  Check out the video: The tech demo looks incredible, so I immediately fired off an e-mail to them.  As it turns out, they’re hiring, and they just posted an ad today!  They’re located … Read More

Welcome to Large Animal Games

Big welcome to Large Animal Games (follow them on Twitter) – they posted several ads today, and pushed us over the 100 job mark!  Large Animal was founded in 2001, and is located in Manhattan.  They’ve published and developed a BUNCH of casual games over the years, and they show no signs of slowing.  They actually just had an article … Read More

Welcome to Longtail Studios

I want to welcome Longtail Studios (follow them on Twitter) to the site, as they just published a few ads today.  I have a few friends who work in their New York studio (follow producer Miguel Molinari on Twitter), so I’m excited to have them posting!  They’re working on a variety of games for mobile, Facebook/web and more, and it … Read More

(Re)Welcome to Black Lantern Studios

I say re-welcome, because Black Lantern had actually been using our old site.  They posted two ads today on the new site, so I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome them to GameJobHunter.com.  Looks like they’re hiring for a couple of positions in their St. Louis studio.  They just opened in 2003, and they actually now have 2 studios … Read More

Top North American Cities for Game Development – Part 2

A while back, I did a post that attempted to paint a rough picture of which cities had the most game development going on.  The idea behind the list was that knowing where the studios are at = knowing where the jobs are at.  It’s been several months since I put that together, so I figured I’d do a follow-up … Read More

Canadian Jobs!

Wow, lots of Canadian postings this week!  They all came from two Ubisoft studios, and it looks like there’s a lot of opportunity in Montreal and Quebec City.  If you’re a Canadian company and you’re looking to post, we’ll be adding a bunch of Canadian cities to our database in the next few days.  You can post right now – … Read More

Welcome to Ubisoft Quebec City

I want to give an extra special welcome to Ubisoft Quebec City, who posted some jobs on the site today!  Why so special, you ask?  Well, they now hold the distinct honor of being our first Canadian company to post.  Emile Gauthier (follow him on Twitter) works for the studio, and he contacted me today about getting their ads up.  … Read More

Welcome to thatgamecompany

We had a few ads posted on Friday by thatgamecompany – we’re pumped they’re posting on the site!  This is exactly the kind of company we want to highlight on www.gamejobhunter.com.  While we encourage all game companies to post, our mission is to make sure job openings at some of these smaller, unique studios get the same exposure as ads … Read More

Welcome to 2K Marin

Big welcome to 2K Marin, who posted 3 new job ads today!  They’re looking for help on Bioshock 2.  You can’t ask to be working on something much more high profile than that.  As an aside, I think my wife is still upset with me for harvesting too many little sisters. They definitely have some of the most creative job … Read More