New – Job Hunter Tool Tracks Huge Amount of Job Posts!

We’ve been a little quiet recently, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. If you’ve been following our site for a while, you’ve probably seen the job count feature on the city list pages. We built that tool a few years ago and it worked great….for a while. It would track hundreds of game studios and report back on how many open jobs they currently had, and then link you back to their site so you could check out the jobs for yourself. But we didn’t anticipate just how often studios would make changes to their sites and job boards. It happened A LOT. The job hunter tool ended up being too cumbersome to maintain, and you’ve probably noticed that the numbers have grown a little stale.

Rather than continually try to tweak the existing system, we decided to do a total overhaul. Now, instead of coming back with just counts at each studio, the job counter comes back with a links to the actual jobs! The lists are updated daily and should give you an accurate picture of exactly which jobs are open at the studios we’re tracking in a particular city on that day. Consider this a beta launch – we’ll continue to make improvements, and we’ll be adding support for new studios and cities in the coming weeks and months. If you’ve got feature or studio requests, let us know on Twitter.

You can find links to all the cities with job lists on this page. Happy job hunting!

Check out the Seattle list as an example: