Featured Studio – Iron Galaxy Studios

Our latest featured studio, Iron Galaxy Studios, has been operating as an independent developer in Chicago since 2008, and they recently relocated to The Loop. They initially started out as a contractor helping other studios deliver their projects, but have since evolved into working on a mix of their own titles as well as continuing to partner with companies on major IP like Skyrim, Killer Instinct, Diablo, and much more.

They expanded in 2012 and opened up a second location in Orlando, FL. It’s interesting to note that not only do they have two locations, but neither one of those is in the traditional hub areas in California, Texas, or Seattle. And right now they are hiring in both locations – check out their open jobs!

Image courtesy of Iron Galaxy Studios

The company is focused on maintaining a strong culture at both locations. Here’s what they have to say about that effort on their site:  “We pride ourselves on being a studio that does amazing work while maintaining a positive culture and supporting work-life balance for our employees. We expect a lot from our team but offer the support, coaching, mentorship, and variety to make great game developers out of every person that joins our studio.”

If you’re interested in joining an established independent developer in Chicago or Orlando, take a look at all of their open jobs and see if there’s a fit!