New Feature – Social Job Shares

We’re now tracking even more job leads, with our new Social Job Leads feature!

Finding a job in the games industry can be hard. It might not always feel like it if you’ve been looking for a new job for a while, but there are a LOT of jobs out there that employers are anxious to fill. If you’re a major company like EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Naughty Dog, Epic, etc., you’ve probably got a constant supply of jobs to fill, but you’ve also got the luxury of lots of job seekers knowing exactly where to look to find you. Basically everyone who is looking for a job is checking those sites directly as one of their first stops. There’s almost zero chance those jobs won’t be discovered, and those companies can be selective about who they’re hiring. Certain roles are still hard to fill, even for the big companies, but that’s more about gaps in the talent pool for those roles than lack of awareness.

Things can look much different for companies that aren’t in that rarified group. There are hundreds of studios in North America alone and many of them are constantly looking to fill roles (as you can see with our studio job counts). Lots of these companies have to work a little bit harder at getting the word out about their open positions. Posting lots of jobs on various job boards isn’t cheap (ahem, although our rates are very affordable), so sharing on various social channels is a popular and inexpensive way to try and share news about open positions. Some studios will share a post about openings on Twitter and will see a nice signal boost. Take this recent post from System Era Softworks:

Not a bad result after a couple of days. But there is also a steady of stream of posts about new job jobs that get shared and go largely unnoticed. We’re watching channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Discord groups, and we’re seeing posts like this almost every day. We recently decided to start keeping track of some of these leads so they’d have a more permanent home rather than just slipping through the cracks of Twitter. The ultimate goal is to give all of you some clues about roles and studios that might have otherwise slipped below your radar.

For now, the Social Job Lead table is at the bottom of our job board page. We’re adding new leads almost daily, so check back often!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash