inXile Hiring for Wasteland 3

New Jobs at inXile

inXile Entertainment, the formerly indie RPG developer who was recently acquired by Microsoft, has been sharing several tweets over the past few days about open positions on Wasteland 3. The tweets state that they’re looking for an Associate Producer and Engineers, but they’ve got additional roles open as well.

inXile has been one of the most successful studios when it comes to crowdsourcing for their titles, first on Kickstarter and most recently on Fig. They had carved out a nice niche for themselves as developers of a certain style of massive, hardcore, old-school RPGs like Wasteland 2 and Bard’s Tale. Now they’ve got the financial backing of Microsoft behind them, and they’re looking to deliver even more of what their audience loves without the added pressure of constantly being on the hunt for more funding.

inXile has locations in both Newport Beach, CA and New Orleans, LA, and some of the roles that they’re hiring for give you the option for either studio, while others are location specific. You can check out the rest of the openings that they’ve got listed right now on their careers page.

Featured image courtesy of inXile Entertainment and Fig