Second Dinner is Hiring (and Funded)

Image by Second Dinner

Second Dinner is a relatively new studio located in Irvine made up of several veterans from Blizzard, and they just released some big news over Twitter yesterday.

The whole video is worth watching as it contains several bits of new info about the new studio (and highlights what looks like a pretty fun crew). The team just moved into their new Irvine office after receiving $30 million in funding from NetEase to work on a new game with Marvel!

They mention on their site that they’re looking to grow to 10-15 people, and that the funding amount should see them safely to the end of their first project. In their own words:

“Second Dinner is fully funded, so we think we have everything we need to take our first game all the way over the finish line.  We pay competitive salaries, offer stock options, and provide health insurance.  It feels like a start-up over here, but without the risk of running out of money before we finish our next game.
We think a diverse team with varied perspectives makes us a better company, and will help us make better games.  If you think you bring something new to the table and will expand our point of view, that’s huge upside. Please apply!”

They’ve got 2 positions currently listed on their site, but they also encourage anyone who is intrigued about the possibility of working on a new Marvel game to reach out to see if there’s a fit.

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