Job Leads – 11.25.18

It’s been an eventful few weeks in the games industry! Acquisitions, studio closures, new studios, hiring sprees….we’ve seen a bit of everything. We’re closing out this Thanksgiving weekend by collecting and sharing some of the more interesting stories from the last few weeks, especially the ones that might help you land your next job. Any big opportunities or stories that are missing? Let us know and we’ll share!

  • Microsoft continued its recent purchasing spree by snatching up not just one, but TWO indie developers of classic RPGs – Obsidian and inXile. Read their official announcement about the deals.
  • This story is a few months old, but we didn’t notice it when it first happened. Back in July, EA purchased Industrial Toys and rebranded the studio as EA Pasadena. They’ve got some jobs listed (along with their other LA studios) on their site.
New Studios
  • A new studio popped up in Seattle a few weeks ago – Monster Squad. Right now, they’re looking to hire a UE4 Gameplay Programmer to join their team.
  • Another studio is setting up shop in the Pacific Northwest, but this time it’s down the road in Portland. Ready At Dawn announced the opening of their second studio, and they’re looking to fill several positions.
Studio Closures
  • Telltale Games laid off most of their staff about a month ago, but the company had stated that it would continue to exist in a greatly reduced capacity. But now, The Verge is reporting that the studio is officially done for good.
  • Outpost Games, developers of battle royale title SOS, announced last month that it was shutting down the game this month and shuttering the studio.
  • Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver, developers of the Tekken Mobile game, closed the doors to their studio this month.
Job Leads

Lots of exciting opportunities popping up out there recently! Here are some newer leads that we’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks.

  • Zapdot – if you’re in Cambridge (or want to be), check out indie developer Zapdot. They’re looking to fill 2 developer positions right now.
  • First Strike Games – want to work on multiplayer games in Bellevue? Check out First Strike Games, they posted a UI Engineer position with us this week.
  • Proletariat – this studio is based in Boston, and they’re working on a cool looking new battle royale title featuring magical combat. They just added 7 new jobs to their site.
  • Get Set Games – we spotted this one on Twitter. Get Set Games is based in Toronto, and just added several new positions. They’ve got 14 jobs listed on their site.
  • PerBlue – this Madison-based developer is currently working with Disney on Disney Heroes, and they’ve added several new job posts recently.
  • IllFonic – the developers of the recent Friday the 13th game are hiring at their Golden, CO and Tacoma, WA locations. They’ve got over 30 positions posted across all disciplines.
  • WWE – yes, that WWE! They’re looking for someone to take on a leadership role within their games division.
  • WB Games Boston – the studio formerly known as Turbine has rebranded, and is looking to fill 7 open spots.

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash