New Studio in Portland – Ready At Dawn

Ready At Dawn has been making games in Irvine, CA for over 15 years. They’ve worked on major franchises like God of War, Daxter, and Okami, as well as their own original titles like The Order: 1886 and the Lone Echo series. This week, they released a major announcement about the future of their company – the opening of a second development studio in Portland, OR:

Portland seems like a city that could be on the cusp of becoming more established as a hub for game development. It’s just a few hours down the road from development hotbeds like Seattle and Vancouver, but has nowhere near the concentration of game dev activity – maybe landing another established developer like Ready At Dawn can help supercharge the development scene in Portland. CEO Ru Weerasuriya shared this statement explaining why they chose Portland in a post on Ready At Dawn’s site:

“Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to diversify our skillset and expertise from console, PC and handheld development into Virtual Reality. Now, as the studio keeps growing, we hope to tap into a deep and growing talent pool of developers in the Oregon area and strengthen our already world-class development team to bolster our current and future projects.”

Job posts at the Portland location are up already on Ready At Dawn’s career page! They’re looking to fill the following roles:

Featured photo by Zach Savinar on Unsplash