Hiring in Cambridge – Zapdot

Zapdot is an independent developer based out of Cambridge, MA, and they’re looking to expand their team. Zapdot is available as a work-for-hire contractor who has worked on projects for studios like Owlchemy Labs, BBC America, and Dejobaan Games. Their recent job posts give some insight into the types of projects that new hires might be working on:

“Our work spans both the education and entertainment sectors, where we’ve helped clients at every stage of development, from concepts for brand new technologies to post-launch LiveOps.

Given the fluid nature of our work, we look for individuals whose skillsets and interests are multifaceted and multidisciplinary. Your assignments will be determined by a mixture of your interests, the challenges you’re looking to take on, and the needs of our projects.”

They’re currently looking to fill two Engineering roles. Read on to see if either of these jobs would be a fit:

Senior Software Engineer

  • Leading and collaborating on the technical design and architecture of our products and underlying technologies.
  • Working cohesively with a team of artists, musicians, and designers to establish the necessary pipelines to effectively deliver the overall goals/vision of a product.
  • Estimate and extrapolate tasks from design documentation, feature stories, technical requirements, and conversations.
  • Assisting production to plan for and identify upcoming dependencies while maintaining a schedule that aligns with stakeholder expectations.
  • Writing high-quality, performant code.

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Software Engineer

  • Implementing gameplay systems
  • Implementing responsive UI for multi-platform projects
  • Creating advanced animation systems
  • Tool development to aid in asset implementation, general development, quality assurance
  • Writing high-quality, performant code.

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