New Studio in Seattle – Monster Squad

There have been lots of stories about layoffs and studio closures lately, so it’s great to see some awesome news about a new studio opening up shop in Seattle! Monster Squad is officially in business and is made up of several veterans who played key roles on titles like Torchlight and Borderlands. The new team has set up shop in Pike Place Market, right in the heart of downtown Seattle.

View from the neighborhood

No word yet on what their first title will be, but they are already looking to add a few new members to the team. Based on the info on their site, it looks like they’re focused on building a very collaborative studio. They call out things like stock options for all team members and unlimited PTO, and they mention that each week ends with a team-wide weekly play session.

Right now they’ve got 2 roles that they’re looking to fill. If either of these look like a fit, head on over to their site and apply:

UE4 Gameplay Programmer

“Are you the type of Programmer who recreated your favorite game’s combat system to figure out how it was made? Did you learn to program so you could make the games you love to play?

At Monster Squad, our Gameplay Programmers are also Gameplay Designers. In this role, you will go beyond just building tech, and actively design the systems that go into our games. This is a unique opportunity for creative individuals who have the self-direction to bring the team and your own inspiring ideas to life.”

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Environment Artist

“Are you the type of artist who makes their raid party wait as you gawk at the environment props? Because really, just take a minute to look, there’s a whole story about how this world was decimated thousands of years ago!

As an Environment Artist at Monster Squad, you will play a major role in shaping the environment art style for our debut game. You’ll take the spark of an idea and shape it into an entire game universe begging to be explored. Your work will touch on every aspect of our game’s design: world building, lore, gameplay, readability and player experience. The best candidate is a multi-talented, friendly and excited to start building out our game world.”

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