Studio Closures and Other City List Updates

Studio Closures

A couple of major announcements shook the games industry over the past couple of weeks. First it was announced that Orange County developer Carbine Studios was shutting its doors, and that 50 people would be losing their jobs. The developer was behind the MMO title WildStar, which will also be winding down in the coming weeks.

Yesterday, more sad news – Capcom announced that they would be permanently shuttering their primary Western development studio in Vancouver. Capcom confirmed that 158 would be losing their jobs as part of the move. The studio had been primarily focused on the Dead Rising series. There was initially some confusion about whether or not the studio was completely shutting down, but the studio Twitter account later confirmed the news:

Good luck to all those who are looking for new jobs, hopefully everyone lands on their feet quickly.

City List Updates

The city studio lists are almost always evolving. Things change quickly in this industry as new studios pop up as old ones fade away. A lot of times it’s tricky to even find any definitive information about a studio’s current status, but I go with the clues that I have available to me. If a website is down and social channels haven’t been updated in a year….that’s usually not a good sign. Here is the list of the updates that we made this week:

Los Angeles/Orange County
  • NCSOFT West – we were missing the Aliso Viejo location, they have been added to the list. They’ve currently got 5 jobs listed on their site.
  • Particle City – the studio that was working on the mobile version of Titanfall is no more

Check out the full LA/Orange County studio list.

  • Particle City – the Orlando location is also no more
San Diego
  • Appy Entertainment – site is down, company appears to be closed
  • Imagination Vent – site is down, company appears to be closed

Check out the full San Diego studio list.

San Francisco Bay Area
  • Liquid Entertainment – site appears to be down, status of the company is unclear. Removed from list for now.
  • Magic Pixel – site is down, company appears to be closed
  • NetEase North America – we were missing NetEase from the list. They’ve got 9 open jobs listed on their site.

Check out the full San Francisco Bay Area studio list.

Featured image courtesy of Capcom.