Job Lead Updates – 08.26.18

We’ve got another week of data after running our studio job count tracker again on Friday. It’s interesting to look for trends as the numbers fluctuate. Many studios appear to be very methodical in their hiring process as their number of job postings has remain unchanged in over 2 months. It’s also fun to watch studios have their count drop a bit every week, which means new people are getting hired! Here are a few of the things that stood out after running this week’s update and looking back at the last 9 weeks of data.

Mega Studios

There are a handful of mega studios in the industry with many hundreds or even thousands of developers in one location. Ubisoft Montreal, EA Canada, EA Redwood Shores, Riot Games, Blizzard, etc. Some of these studios have over 100 open jobs listed at any given time, and it’s no surprise that those numbers have fluctuated the most from week to week. They’ve each got large recruiting teams, multiple projects per studio, and the hiring is happening quickly. As one example, Ubisoft Montreal has swung between 149 and 171 open jobs since we’ve been tracking. They were at 158 when we checked on Friday.

Unique Challenges by Studio

This project has been…..challenging in some unique ways. It’s been fascinating to see just how many companies have operations going in multiple cities, and they all seem to handle displaying jobs at each location in different ways on their sites. You might notice discrepancies when you see the number we list and what shows up on the page when you click the link. An example – we show EA Austin having only 44 jobs on Friday, but it looks like they have 61 if you visit their site. But that number also includes the Bioware openings, which are tracked separately on Bioware’s site. Don’t want to double count, so we have to be careful about that. EA Austin is just one example like that. Fun times!

Spotting Other Trends

We’ve been able to see some job count movement which is related to recent news, and others which just indicate projects ramping up. Here are some examples:

  • Hi-Rez Studios:  they recently announced that they were splitting the company into 3 unique studios, each working on a different project. On the heels of that announcement, their number of open jobs spiked by 13 new positions.
  • Unity LA:  Unity announced this location a few months back, and it looks like they’re slowly starting to staff up. They’ve now got 4 positions posted.
  • Sony Santa Monica:  they’ve been consistently adding jobs over the past few weeks. They started at 19 when we were first tracking and are now up to 33 jobs.
  • The Molasses Flood:  this Boston indie just announced a major hiring push. They’ve now got 6 jobs listed on their site.

We’ll continue to look for other interesting trends and look to share more data in the coming weeks.

Photo by fabio on Unsplash