Crystal Dynamics Expands With New Bellevue Studio

Crystal Dynamics, the venerable developer behind the Tomb Raider series, announced today that they are opening a separate studio in Bellevue, WA:  Crystal Northwest. The press release stated that the studio is officially open for business as of today:

“Our new studio in the Seattle area is officially up and running as of today, and is a full-fledged extension of Crystal Dynamics. Dedicated initially to technology development, it delivers even more expertise to the highly-anticipated Avengers Project. Led by 20-year industry veterans Chad Queen and James Loe, the new studio bolsters the development of future games, tools, and technology.”

There aren’t any job postings for the Bellevue studio listed on Crystal Dynamic’s site…..yet. The official announcement referenced the developer’s aggressive expansion plans and recent hires, so it seems like it’s only a matter of time before we hear more about openings at the new location. There are 25 openings listed for the original studio in Redwood City. As soon as we hear about any specific job posts in this new location, we’ll look to share them!