New Feature – Studio Job Counts

If you’ve been looking at any of the City Studio Lists lately, you might have noticed a new column popping up over the past few weeks. We’ve introduced a new feature that allows us to keep track of the actual number of open jobs at studios across each city. The current plan is to check weekly to and update the count for each studio and the totals for each city. Once we’ve got a few weeks worth of data, we can start sharing some stats and trends for each city. Should be a fascinating way to see how the job market is trending in various locations over time.

There’s a lot that still needs to be done, definitely treat this as a beta release. We’re still missing the San Francisco counts, for example, but that should be coming in the very near future. We’ll also need to rethink our City Power Rankings list a bit. We have been ranking cities based on a formula that includes number of studios & estimated head counts, but it’s already clear that the calculation needs to be updated to factor in open jobs. As an example, it’s already easy to see that somewhere like Boston, which ranks high in the old formula, fares significantly worse if you also look at open jobs. Places like Raleigh and Toronto have far more open jobs.

A few disclaimers:

  • LOTS of studios have no jobs right now, so you’ll see a lot of “?”. We can’t automate the process until we know what a job posting will look like, so it’s a “?” instead of a “0” for now.
  • There are lots of weird cases. Lots of companies have studios in multiple cities, weird sites, etc. We’ll be continually refining the process, but you might notice some bugs.
  • We’re currently running this process weekly, so numbers might be off when you click through to a studio’s site. Treat it as a handy estimate.

Having an understanding of what the actual job market looks like in a city should be a crucial factor in deciding whether or not you want to make a move to a new location. We’re excited to look for ways that this data can be useful to job hunters! If you see anything that looks wrong, drop us a line at and let us know.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash