Hiring in Hawaii – HumaNature Studios

Photo by Sarah Humer on Unsplash

This doesn’t happen very often. I actually double checked to make sure the location wasn’t an error when the job was posted! HumaNature Studios is looking for a Lead Prototype Simulation Engineer in……Lahaina, Hawaii!

HumaNature Studios is a small, tight team led by long-time industry veteran Greg Johnson. They’ve specialized in quirky titles like Doki Doki Universe and Toe Jam & Earl Back in the Groove.

Doki Doki Universe on PS4

It’s clear that team chemistry is crucial as they look to fill this role, as this line is included in the requirements:

“Applicant must be cheerful and easy going. This part is very important. If you don’t smile and laugh a lot then don’t apply!”

Does that sound like you? Up for a little adventure? Email Greg and apply today!

Featured Photo by Sarah Humer on Unsplash