Job Lead Roundup – 05/27

We’ve got a long holiday weekend here in the States, which I’m sure many of you are using to find some new leads in your job search. There’s been a few high profile studio closures recently, with Wargaming Seattle and Raleigh’s Boss Key Productions both recently shuttering their doors. Those closures have hundreds of new people freshly looking for jobs, but it’s also led to a high volume of job leads being shared. Here are some of the most recent ones that I’ve seen from a variety of sources – if you’re looking for a job, hopefully you see something new!


Funcom is located in Durham, so right next door to Boss Key. They’re in the midst of what looks like a very successful launch for their new title, Conan Exiles. They’re also hiring. Reach out to their recruiter, Paxton Galvanek, if you’re interested in learning more.


IllFonic is the developer behind the recent Friday the 13th game. They’ve got 2 locations, 1 in Boulder and 1 in Tacoma, and they’ve got a few open positions at each studio. Check out their site for more details.


Another Seattle-area studio spotted on Twitter with a job opening:

Certain Affinity

Dozens of jobs available in Austin right now – check out Certain Affinity’s jobs page and see if they have anything that’s a fit, they’re hiring across all disciplines.

Sago Mini

Sago Mini is developing educational apps and physical toys in Toronto, and they’re looking for a few new Unity Developers.

Chewy Software

Looking for a gig in Chicago? Chewy Software is looking for a Senior Game Programmer.

Skydance Interactive

Skydance is working on VR games in Southern California, and they’re hiring for 6 positions right now – including 3 internships!

Armature Studio

Armature is located on Austin, and they’ve been helping on a little game called Fortnite recently. Want to help? They’re looking for a new Senior Gameplay Programmer.


Everyone knows who Valve is, so this is not much of a hot lead, but I included it because it seems like you don’t tend to hear a lot about Valve’s hiring efforts. Maybe that’s changing? They’ve got several roles posted right now, including several in game development roles.

Good luck on your job search this weekend!