Studio Closure – Boss Key Productions

There are no sure things in game development. Even projects and studios that seem to have everything going for them can ultimately unravel in this fickle industry. That situation became reality yesterday for Boss Key Productions, the studio behind LawBreakers and more recently Radical Heights. Boss Key was founded in Raleigh back in 2014 by Cliff Bleszinski, one of the game dev industry’s biggest names. LawBreakers was also published by Nexon, but unfortunately did not find an audience. Bleszinski announced in a statement yesterday that despite some early positive buzz for Radical Heights, it was “too little, too late”, and Boss Key was officially shutting down. You can read his full statement here.

With the studio closure comes lots of talented developers looking for new jobs. A tweet from @NEVERIISM collected several of them for easy access:

Other studios were also quick to fire up a hashtag on Twitter to share job openings. If you were affected by the closure and are looking for a new job, be sure to check out #bosskeyjobs.