City Page Updates – 04/25

Keeping the city page information current is important to us, and requires some diligence. The games industry is always changing and new companies are popping up all the time. There are also studio closures, team sizes expanding and contracting, new titles announced, office locations moved, and more – we like to keep all of that info as up to date as we can! This past week, I made several updates to the Los Angeles and San Francisco lists and in doing so came across several studios that are hiring. Here are the studios that we are now tracking:


Survios is a VR/AR game developer located in LA. They’ve released titles like Raw Data and Sprint Vector, and they’re looking to expand their team right now. They’ve currently got 18 jobs listed on their site.

Firecraft Studios

Firecraft Studios is a mobile developer based in San Mateo. They just posted a new job with us this week – they’re looking for an Associate Game Designer.

Echtra Games

Another one for the San Francisco list – Echtra Games. They got their start in 2016 and are working on an unannounced title. Their site says that they are “we’re building a big world based on a beloved gaming franchise.” They’ve currently got 1 job posted on LinkedIn.

Final Final

This is one that we saw on Twitter. Final Final is a new indie studio in San Francisco and they’re looking for an Art Director.

Particle City

This team was just missing from our LA list, they’ve been open for a while. They are the studio behind the mobile version of Titanfall and they’ve also got a sister studio in Orlando. They are hiring for 3 positions right now.


MobilityWare develops casual card and casino games from Irvine. They’ve also been around for quite a while and were just missing from out list, but that’s been fixed. It looks like they’ve got some great perks (including an annual company trip!) – check their 14 current openings to see if anything is a fit.


Featured image by Molly Martirez on Unsplash