New Indie Studio in San Francisco – Final Final

A new indie studio is getting off the ground in San Francisco and they’re looking to hire an Art Director as a founding team member.

The studio is being started by Nick Breckon (previously with Telltale Games and Bethesda) and Seth Rosen (previously with Hangar 13 and Irrational). There isn’t much additional info about the studio just yet – their website is literally just the job post for the Art Director position. They do tease that they’ll be working on “an ambitious, systems-forward science-fiction game.” The job post mentions that they’re also looking for someone who is comfortable working remotely, as “we will not have a central office for the foreseeable future.”

Interested in taking a chance on a indie small studio working with some experienced veterans? Reach out to Final Final to see if you’re a fit! We’ll be keeping an eye on the new team to see what they’re up to in the coming months.

Featured photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash