Job Leads – Sarbakan, Rose City Games, Torn Banner Studios, and more

We’ve made quite a few updates recently, and we’ve spotted quite a few new job leads. First up, we added two new city lists – Québec City and Denver/Boulder. We came across many studios that were hiring as part of creating those lists, as well seeing some tips from various sources online.


Sarbakan is located in Québec City and has worked on lots of licensed mobile & pc/console games. If you’ve ever had the itch to work on actual arcade games, then Sarbakan is a studio to check out. They’ve worked on several arcade cabinets, including titles like Tomb Raider and Crossy Road. They’re currently looking to fill 6 spots.

Rose City Games

Rose City Games is a small indie developer based in Portland, and they most recently released The World Next Door. They’re looking to a hire a Lead Unity Game Developer.

Torn Banner Studios

Torn Banner Studios is, in their own words, “mid-sized indie studio that specializes in multiplayer melee combat games.” Their office is located in downtown Toronto, and they’re hiring for 2 positions right now.

Featured Studio – Big Fish Games

Self Aware Games (Big Fish Games) studio in Oakland

Self Aware Games, the Big Fish Games studio in Oakland, is a featured studio on GameJobHunter right now. They’re looking to fill 3 important spots right now!

Harebrained Schmes

This small, tight-knit group of developers in Seattle is looking to grow the team a bit – they’ve got a new position listed on their site right now.


Beenox is part of the Activision family, and they’re located in Québec City. It looks like they’re growing quite a bit – 21 open jobs posted on their site.

Backflip Studios

Backflip Studios is a mobile developer located in Boulder who works on the Dragonvale series. They’ve got 8 jobs posted right now across the Design, Dev, and Production disciplines.


That’s it for this week – hopefully this helps give you a new lead or two that you weren’t aware of. If you’re a studio and you want help getting the word out about any open positions that you’ve got, let us know!