Job Leads – PerBlue, Niantic, Pixelberry, and More

Happy Friday! If you were job hunting this week, hopefully you uncovered some interesting leads. We spotted several new openings ourselves, so we’ve collected all of those to share with you here.


The Madison-based developer of RPG & Strategy games posted several new jobs with us. They’re looking for a few Developers as well as some Data Analysts.

Tilting Point

We’ve shared leads from Tilting Point before, and they’re actively hiring again. They posted 14 new jobs with us this week, including a few internships and other junior roles in New York City.

Playful Corp

Playful Corp is located in McKinney, TX, which is just outside of Dallas. They released Super Lucky’s Tale this past year, which was one of the original VR platformer experiences. They’re current working on a new title called Star Child and they’re looking for some new people to help. They posted 2 new jobs this week.

Niantic Labs

We had been missing Niantic, developers of Pokemon Go, on our city lists, but we fixed that this week. They actually have 3 locations – San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles. They’ve also got almost 30 jobs listed on their site across all locations and disciplines.


This is another studio that we were missing from our lists. They’re located in San Francisco, and they’re the developers of a successful Power Rangers mobile title. They’ve currently got 6 open jobs listed on their site.

2K Games

Spotted this one on Twitter. @katieraenelson is a recruiter with 2K, and she tweeted that Hangar 13 (and the rest of 2K) is hiring:


Pixelberry is a mobile developer located in Mountain View, CA. They’ve got a baker’s dozen worth of jobs posted on their site right now, including several junior level roles.

That’s it for this week – as always, good luck on your job hunt!