Reports of Gazillion Shutting Down

The rumors that are piling up about Gazillion closing before Thanksgiving should serve as a sobering reminder that layoffs in the games industry can come at any time. It’s a particularly tough time to have to begin a job search, as the teams involved in hiring at other studios start to have spotty availability during the holidays. To all of those Gazillion-aires who were affected and are dealing with a much more stressful Thanksgiving – I wish you a quick and successful job search.

A job search is a lot of time consuming work, and there are things that you can be continually doing to make that process easier on yourself if you’re suddenly faced with an unexpected job search. Here are a few:

  • Update your resume/portfolio at regular intervals, or at least keep track of some of your key accomplishments. It can be tricky to remember everything that you’ve done over the past few years.
  • Stay connected with former co-workers. There’s lots of movement in the industry, you probably have friends that have spread to studios far and wide. There’s a strong chance that a job lead will come from someone you know, so keep that network current.
  • Squirrel away whatever funds you can. Even having a cushion that can last you a few weeks can make an already stressful situation slightly less so. You can’t always expect a severance payout to act as a cushion (or apparently even unpaid PTO in Gazillion’s case).

There’s a variety of comments coming in on Twitter from studios looking to connect with people affected by the layoffs. This one from Blizzard stood out – 360 open jobs is staggering!

Also interesting to see this tweet from John Romero. I didn’t realize he had started the studio way back in 2005:

On a final note, it looks like Gazillion was still trying to make it work up until the end – they still have 10 open jobs listed on their site.