New Studio List – Madison

Madison video game companies

We just published a new studio list – Madison, Wisconsin! This is one we probably should have added a long time ago. I ended up reconnecting with an old coworker yesterday who started a company called Lost Boys Interactive in Madison, and he reminded me how much development was happening in the city. It’s not a huge list of developers, but the quality of titles being developed in Wisconsin’s capital city is strong. You’ve got Raven Software, a large Activision studio, working on one of the biggest franchises in all of entertainment – Call of Duty. Human Head Studios delivered the highly innovative sci-fi shooter Prey. Impressive stuff!

If you’re looking to land in a city with a healthy collection of studios where you can actually afford to, you know, buy a house or something, then Madison might be a place to check out.

Looks like there’s lots of open jobs in the city right now!